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Underground Electrical Contractor

Commercial Construction Underground Electrical Installation

Those in the construction industry understand the challenges associated with electrical underground installation. You are exposed to hazards like sewage, confined spaces, contact with high voltage lines, pests and cave-ins to name a few.

General contractors save time and money when they subcontract Current Electrical to install underground electrical. We have many years of experience in underground electrical projects. 

Some of those include:

  • Manhole & hand hole installation
  • Underground duct bank installation for large buildings in need of centrally located wiring
  • Underground service feeders (service entrance)
  • Low voltage underground communication
  • Parking lot signage and pole lights
  • Demolish and dispose existing concrete and other structures to facilitate new installations
    Underground circuit tracing
  • Excavation and ground restoration
  • Underground conduit systems
  • Direct burial cable installations to 36 inch depths
  • Lightning protection and grounding ring installations
  • Install concrete foundations for equipment
  • Lift station power installation

We take the time to sit down with our contractors to review the plans, create a schedule and budget that works with the deadlines in place to keep the project moving as scheduled. We understand that our process is a vital phase to a large construction project as our work is setting the foundation where the completed site will stand. We use state of the art equipment and have the experience to lay a sturdy foundation while keeping the highest standards in safety when working with the hazards that come naturally underground as well as the hazard of electrical voltage itself.


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