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Electrician Services and Local Electrical Contractor

Experienced Electricians for your home needs!

Looking to replace that electrical box, aluminum wire, electrical panel, lighting installation, or maybe a company for smart home installation? If so, you are in the right place, especially if your home is a large home requiring a company with extensive insurance coverage and bonding capacity.

Current Electrical Solutions has grown from a single electrician to an entire crew over the past 10 years; we have experience with both residential electrical work as well as commercial electrical installation from underground electrical to full building electrical. If you have a big electrical job to do on your home from replacing all your aluminum wire so that homeowners insurance will cover that new house purchase with 1960’s wiring or a large scale renovation with the need for upgraded electrical work to incorporate a new smart home wiring system, you have found your company!

Here is a list of popular services we provide:

  • Full service electrical contractor
  • Replace panels
  • Rebuild electrical service including meters, panel boards, controls, etc.
  • Add generators, replace generators
  • Lighting fixture replacements and additions
  • New smart home device installation
  • Aluminum wire conversions
  • Circuit tracing
  • Repair / replace / modify circuits any amperage up to 600 volts
  • Install communication / television / security / audio systems
  • Replace or add electrical devices


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