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Meet John!

John Marinelli started Current Electrical Solutions 10 years ago, but he is not new to the scene. Over 19 years ago John started young on the jobsite working those grunt jobs every construction site has. Luckily, John was born and raised here in Central Florida and can handle the heat! And that is exactly what it takes to be down in those trenches laying conduit, which is where he started to spark an interest in electrical.

John dedicated himself to the craft, gaining experience on the jobsite, and just a few years after high school had completed his course, got licensed and set out in a single vehicle taking house calls as a local residential electrician. And his dedication didn’t stop there; he would deliver quality work every time and through great partnerships, professionalism and just plain hard work, Current Electrical Solutions has become what it is today!

If you contract with Current Electrical Solutions, you will have the pleasure of working with John, Henry and/or Dave Park of Parkit Construction, our General Contractor partner specializing in underground water utilities (storm sewer, sanitary sewer, potable water, sidewalks, curbs, to name a few). Our partnerships allow us to stay experts in our area without stretching ourselves thin. This allows us to provide top quality work on time and within budget.